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About Ronnie Calvert

Ronnie Calvert has served in the U. S. Navy in the Hampton Roads area from 2007-2015. He has seen a lot and been to many places in the world. He decided to make a career in real estate after having an amazing experience buying his first home. “there is nothing worse than throwing your money into an apartment that doesn’t feel like home”. It was then he decided that he wanted to help and educate others to experience the same joy that he did when he bought his home.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, he understands that it can be a challenging and emotional time in one’s life. He is ready to commit and dedicate his time and resources to give you the best quality and professional service you deserve to get through one of the biggest milestones of your life.

Being an ambitious agent of VA Home Realty, He is dedicated to providing you with an honest and diligent experience to meet and exceed your dreams. By utilizing his organizational skills and attentiveness, he proves that your best interest is his number one priority.